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Zero Nine lyrics

This page lists lyrics of Zero Nine songs, as heard by me and my Zero Nine fan friend Claire in England. We have had this joint dream of getting the lyrics written down, as only Intrigue has them listed on the album cover (or Intrique, like Spotify has it misspelled). This project has taken some years of waiting for inspiration and right moments, but now it's time to start publishing our attempts, and maybe, hopefully, get some input and feedback on them.

I started listening to Zero Nine when I was 15, when my English was far from fluent. My brain got stuck on hearing the songs the way I heard them then - as powerful sounds and melodies with Kepa's amazing voice. I picked up some important key phrases but not the whole stories in the songs. Claire helped me really hear them and be amazed with the band on a new level. Meaning and strong messages popped out, like saving the world with our Best shot.

Stay tuned for more lyrics, and please comment on the ones already listed, if you think you can add or correct something (please indicate which song and line).


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